Knowledge Check

Match the poikilocyte with the diseased organ:

Spur cell
Burr cell
Kidney disease
Liver disease
Correct! Sorry, Incorrect.

Match the correct names:

Bur cell
Spur cell
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Sort the cell characteristics (top) with the correct poikilocyte (bottom):

Asymmetrical distribution of spikes
Seen in liver disease
Loss of central pallor
Symmetrical distribution of spikes
Spiky or knobby projections
Central pallor intact
AKA spur cell
AKA echinocyte
Rounded projections
Equal length of spikes/projections
Seen in kidney disease
Unequal length of spikes/projections
Burr cell

Sort the image above with the poikilocyte below

Panel H
Panel G
Panel C
Panel E
Panel F
Panel B
Panel D
Panel A
Burr cell
Spur cell
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