Knowledge Check

Match the poikilocyte with the diseased organ:

Spur cell
Burr cell
Liver disease
Kidney disease
Correct! Sorry, Incorrect.

Match the correct names:

Spur cell
Bur cell
Correct! Sorry, Incorrect.

Sort the cell characteristics (top) with the correct poikilocyte (bottom):

Rounded projections
Spiky or knobby projections
Asymmetrical distribution of spikes
Central pallor intact
Seen in liver disease
AKA echinocyte
Unequal length of spikes/projections
Symmetrical distribution of spikes
AKA spur cell
Loss of central pallor
Equal length of spikes/projections
Seen in kidney disease
Burr cell

Sort the image above with the poikilocyte below

Panel H
Panel B
Panel C
Panel D
Panel G
Panel A
Panel F
Panel E
Burr cell
Spur cell
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