Book Reviews

Coming soon!

TBP will incorporate a book review section within the next 6 months. Our goal is to provide users with a guide to the literature as it pertains to blood. Reviews will be solicited among members of the Advisory Board and outside users. We will also have a process for unsolicited submissions, which will be evaluated internally by TBP members. The reviews will provide a description and analysis of the book, in addition to the reviewer’s overall evaluation. They will not only help readers decide whether to read the book themselves, but they will also provide, whenever possible, interesting information and perspectives in their own right. Reviews will not be restricted to biomedical works. Indeed, TBP encourages reviews of books in the humanities domain, provided they touch on our understanding of blood in one way or another. Such works will align nicely with the essay, creative writing and poetry content of our humanities section.

TBP will post detailed instructions to authors over the next 2 months. Reviews should evaluate the theses, structure, and style of the book rather than simply repeat information. Keep in mind the following questions: Is the book well written? Is the book well organized? If it is a scholarly piece, what is the rigor of the author’s thesis, originality, and theoretical framework? How accurate is the information, for example does it contain appropriate the footnotes, bibliography, dates? Are the illustrations helpful? If there are no illustrations, should there have been? What audience do you feel is most appropriate for the book? Is the book a contribution to the field or discipline? How does the book help us understand and ‘see’ blood in health and/or disease. Does it offer new perspectives about blood, emphasize old notions, or contradict current models? How does it compare to other previously published works in the field?