Key Takeaways

Pancytopenia is the simultaneous reduction in all three blood cell lines.

Pancytopenia is not a disease but rather is a manifestation of one or more underlying diseases.

Pancytopenia may be classified as:

  • Congenital or acquired
  • Transient or chronic
  • Mild, moderate or severe

A mechanistic approach to pancytopenia includes the following considerations:

  • Bone marrow underproduction
  • Bone marrow infiltration
  • Periphearl destruction
  • Sequestration

Some causes of pancytopenia are mediated by more than one mechanism.

Diagnosis is confirmed with a complete blood count.

The peripheral smear may provide important clues about the underlying diagnosis.

Many, but not all patients will require a b one marrow biopsy

Treatment is directed towards the cytopenia and the underlying cause

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