Quiz – smear

The following peripheral smears are from patients with different causes of thrombocytopenia. Match the peripheral smear with the diagnosis:

NOTE: All smears are 100X (oil) except D) which is 10X. Abbreviations; ITP, immune thrombocytopenia; TMA, thrombotic microangiopathy; CLL, chronic lymphocytic leukemia; FT, familial thrombocytopenia; PTP, pseudothrombocytopenia

A) CLL; B) TMA; C) PTP; D) ITP; e) FT; F) Cirrhosis
A) PTP; B) Cirrhosis; C) TMA; D) CLL; E) FT; F) ITP
A) TMA; B) CLL; C) PTP; D) FT; E) ITP F) Cirrhosis
A) Cirrhosis; B) TMA; C) CLL; D) ITP; E) PTP; F) FT

Arrows have been added to the photomicrographs to illustrate relevant findings:

Arrows indicate A) platelet clump, B) acanthocytes (spur cells), C) schistocytes, D) smudge cell, E) giant platelet, F) polychromatophilic cells
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