Have you ever been consulted to see a patient with liver disease who may be hemolyzing? These are challenging cases because the usual hemolytic markers are also abnormal in liver disease.

Overlapping markers from red blood cells and hepatocytes.

Erythrocyte proteomics

  • 1979 – First protein-based study of red blood cells
  • 2006 – In-depth analysis of the membrane and cytosolic proteome of erythrocytes revealed:
    • 314 membrane proteins
    • 252 cytosolic proteins
  • 2013 – More advanced proteomic techniques yielded 2,289 proteins in red blood cells.
  • 2017 – The most recent proteomic study revealed 2650 proteins, of which 1890 occurred at more than 100 copies per cell.

Surely there are undiscovered specific hemolytic markers somewhere in the mix!

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