33 yo M with a long history of recurrent pain, swelling, redness of feet > hands induced by heat, lasting 30-60 min, & relieved with cold. More recently, he has also developed cold-induced tricolor changes in his fingers. Adjusting temperature for one symptom induces the other. He has found a “sweet spot” between 65-72 degrees F (ideally 69 degrees F). Physical exam normal, as was his CBC. ANA negative. This is most certainly a case of concomitant primary erythromelalgia and Raynaud’s.

Learning points:

  • Associated with pain, redness, and warmth
  • Involves feet more than hands
  • Precipitated by warm/hot
  • Relieved with cold
  • Pathogenesis unknown – maybe hyperemia
  • May be primary or secondary
  • Treatment is unsatisfactory
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