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Hematology consult service saw the patient and recommended the following:

The FIX level increased from 2% to 37% and his hematuria continued. Therefore a recommendation was made to give an n additional 60 units/kg IV, which further increased the level of 58%. the hematuria stopped at that point and he did not require further treatment. He had a CT urogram which revealed a filling defect in the right renal pelvis likely representing a clot. Urology was consulted and they felt that the bleeding was provoked by a small stone.

General rule of thumb: 50 to 60 units/kg of factor IX to raise the factor IX level by 50 percent. The dose equals the patient’s weight (in kg) multiplied by the desired rise in factor IX level (as a whole number [eg, 50]) multiplied by 1 (a factor that corrects for volume of distribution). As an example, for a 60 kg patient who requires an increase to 50 percent, 60 kg x 50 x 1 = 3000 units of factor IX.

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