By Charlie Murphy


Glass Sculpture Series by Charlie Murphy

Charlie Murphy, Basophil, 2015,
Clear and coloured borosilicate glass, 6 x 6 x 6 cm
Photo: Charlie Murphy
Collection: Private Collection

Cell Description:

Basophils are a type of white cell. They are found in very small numbers in the blood stream. They are part of the immune system and act as a defence against parasites and allergens. They are packed with enzymes (granules, mostly histamine) which are released during allergic reactions and give rise to many of the symptoms associated with allergic reactions.

Inspirations, themes & references:

Scientific cell models, Blashka glass sculpture models, dialogues with Shaun McCann, Professor of Haematology and Co Curator of exhibition Blood – Not for the Fainthearted at Science Gallery Dublin.

Further artworks: