Band Neutrophils

By William Aird

Single band neutrophil (arrow) in a peripheral smear from a normal individual. P, platelet (100x, oil).
White blood cell, neutrophilBand neutrophil
Also known asStab cell
DefinitionNeutrophil cytoplasm with deeply indented nucleus. The nucleus is indented to more that half the distance to the farthest nuclear margin. The nuclear shape can be variable, including U, C, S or twisted. Chromatin is consistently present between edges of nuclear membrane, but in no area is it condensed to a single filament.
Conditions associated with the cell typeNormally circulate (<10% of neutrophils); increased numbers in left shift (as occurs with inflammation and infection) and myeloproliferative neoplasms. Significant inter-observer variability in enumeration of band counts via a manual differential limits clinical utility. Learn more here.
Mechanism of formationDuring maturation, the neutrophil goes through several stages, namely myeloblast, promyelocyte, myelocyte, metamyelocyte, band cell and, finally, polymorphonuclear (segmented) cell.
Source/authorWilliam Aird
Reviewed and edited byParul Bhargava
ReferencesColor Atlas of Hematology, CAP1