Noga Arikha

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Noga Arikha is a philosopher and historian of ideas. She works as a science humanist, fostering dialogues between neuroscientists, psychologists, clinicians, social scientists, humanists and artists in order to bring to a general audience accessible accounts that analyze the origins of our deepest concerns about our embodied, feeling and thinking selves. She wrote a highly acclaimed book on Passions and Tempers: A History of the Humours, a definitive account of blood humors. She is currently involved in a project on the communication of science and is writing a biography on Franz Boas for Yale University Press. Via various projects and engagements, she has been focusing on working with neuroscientists, clinicians and psychologists, particularly on the embodied sense of self and interoception in conjunction with social emotions. And via a new involvement with anthropology, she is increasingly thinking about the interface of psychology, physiology and culture. Her next book, out this spring, is "The Ceiling Outside: The Science and Experience of the Disrupted Mind", based on the stories of patients of neuropsychiatry, on the science of the embodied sense of self, and on the experience of witnessing her mother's dementia.