Michael Yudell

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Michael Yudell, PhD is Vice Dean and Professor at the College of Health Solutions at Arizona State University and a public health scientist whose work focuses on the history and ethics of public health and medicine. Michael is the author of several books including Race Unmasked: Biology and Race in the 20th Century, Welcome the Genome: A User’s Guide to the Genomic Past, Present, and Future, and The Genomic Revolution: Unveiling the Unity of Life. Along with Samuel Roberts, Yudell edits the Columbia University Press Series Race, Inequality, and Health, which combines work in history, the social sciences, the biological sciences, and public health to deepen our understanding of how claims about race and race difference have impacted health and society historically and in the present day. Michael also conducts research on autism and ethics, and with Emer Lucey is writing A Way of Being Human, a history of autism spectrum disorders. Finally, Michael’s interest is blood is also personal having survived a rare form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma 15 years ago.