Lawrence Mensah

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Lawrence B. Mensah holds Triple Doctorate degree (DPhil/Ph.D.) in Anatomy, Physiology and Genetics from University of Oxford, UK. He is the Founder and CEO of The Pathway Initiative Inc (TPI) and its subsidiary company Gateway Institute of Medicine and Health Sciences (GIMHS). As CEO, he works across two key program areas - development of equitable medical and higher education for African American, Hispanic, and Latinx students to increase participation in the medical profession, while dismantling barriers to alleviate healthcare disparity in marginalized communities. He has over 15 years of experience in academia. He began his career as a biomedical scientist with a subspeciality in hematology and blood transfusion. He trained as a scientist and researcher at University of Cambridge, UK, Harvard Medical School, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). His research publications span several advanced scientific fields including hemato-oncology, clinical genetics, bioengineering, photomedicine and nanomedicine. He is a recipient of prestigious International Young Investigator Scientific Award in hematology. Besides academia, he takes to his other passion which spans over two decades of church leadership and educational support to the youth in his local community.