Gerald Soff

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Dr. Soff is Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Classical Hematology Service at University of Miami Health System/Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center. His career focus has been on the complex interrelationship and interactions of blood vessels, the constituents of the blood coagulation system, and cancer. Beyond simply studying why patients with cancer are prone to thrombosis, he has studied how cancers utilize the coagulation system to enhance primary and metastatic growth. He has conducted numerous clinical and translational studies in this area, and has published a number of practice-changing studies and guidelines on Cancer-Associated Thrombosis (CAT) and Chemotherapy-Induced Thrombocytopenia (CIT). His current research focus is to identify and characterize biomarkers of coagulation, platelet activation, and vascular injury that may elucidate the pathways that cancers coopt to facilitate primary and metastatic growth, which may provide key clinical benefit as prognostic markers, and possibly serve as novel targets for cancer-directed therapy.

Education has always been a major focus of Dr. Soff’s academic career. He has mentored many students, residents, and fellows. He was co-director of the MSKCC fellowship program, with specific responsibility for teaching hematology. In this capacity, he established a year-long course in benign hematology, which has now been developed into an international program ( This course, which covers the full curriculum of benign hematology, is being shared with fellows internationally, all for no charge.