Charlie Murphy

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Charlie Murphy creates dramatic sculptural installations, performances and events across arts, public health and arts-science contexts. Known for her popular touring ‘kiss-in’ events, her projects often involve participation and collaboration of some kind. Charlie’s work is widely presented across UK and international contexts. Highlights include The Lowry, The Royal Festival Hall, Royal Institute, The Old Operating Theatre & Herb Garrett, Science Gallery Dublin, Wellcome Collection, (Artist Collectables) Tate Modern, The Big Dance (London) , Edinburgh Fringe (2006) and Artsway’s ‘New Forest Pavilion’ at the Venice Biennale . A co-director of Wellcome’s Created Out of Mind team (2016-18), Charlie contributes to multiple interdisciplinary research projects to raise awareness about lesser known impacts of dementias at social, personal and cellular levels. Inspired by UCL neuroscientist Professor Selina Wray’s research, Charlie is developing innovative new ways to deepen our understandings of dementia and the brain through immersive, interactive experiences, art installations and exuberant participatory events.