Art Interpretation – Exercise #8

By Brenda Moore-McCann

Q1. What do you see in this painting? What kind of painting is it?

Q2. Judging from the clothes the individuals are wearing, what century and country is  depicted?

Q3. Who is the most important man in the painting? Why do you think so?

Q3. Does the anatomy of the dissected forearm look correct to you? If not, say why.

For the answers, click here.

The thumbnail image for this exercise is Anatomy #3 by Fionn McCann. This is an Archival Pigment Photographic Print in an edition of 10 of the Old Anatomy School, Trinity College Dubin, the foundational building of the School of Medicine in 1710. Drawings on walls are after Vesalius. Courtesy Fionn McCann: www.fionnmccann.com.