What is pathogen-reduced plasma?

By William Aird

Pathogen-reduced plasma is plasma that has been subjected to reduction technologies such as methylene blue, amotosalen or riboflavin treatment plus ultraviolet light, and solvent/detergent treatment to minimize transfusion-associated infections.

Pathogen reduced plasma products: a clinical practice scientific review from the AABB concluded in 2019:

The available evidence indicates that PR plasma products are as efficacious as conventional plasma products in a variety of patient populations and clinical conditions, except in the case of methylene blue and riboflavin PI…. With regard to non-infectious AE, this review has summarized evidence which, in aggregate, indicates that currently available S/D and PR plasma products have no documented deleterious effects compared to conventional plasma products. Furthermore, they appear to have lower rates of allergic reactions and TRALI.

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