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Admit or not admit to hospital?

a. Newly diagnosed ITP with PLT count < 10K, petechiae, no mucosal bleeding.


b. Newly diagnosed ITP with PLT count < 20K, petechiae, no mucosal bleeding.

Usually, especially if it’s an older adult with other major medical issues or risk to fall. I occasionally would start treatment outpatient with platelets 15-20K, no petechiae, able to advocate for self, and able to come frequently for count checks so I can see if it’s not working and change gears quickly. It somewhat depends on logistical factors… what treatments and monitoring can I make happen as an outpatient.

… what is your general threshold for admitting?

20K or bleeding, if newly diagnosed (therefore I don’t know yet what treatment they will respond to or how quickly). Occasional exceptions as above.