Blood in Health and Disease

Multiple learning modalities for approaching blood – something for everyone!

E-Learning —

At it’s best, blood is awe-inspiring and inspirational. At its worse, blood may wreak havoc on human health. There is a rich history of blood research and no shortage of valuable evidence-based tools that provide guidance at the bedside. We encourage you to leverage them as needed. Here, we offer a different approach, focused on honing your critical thinking skills. Building on learning theory, our eLearning modalities introduce conceptual frameworks upon which to hang thousands of otherwise separate facts.

You can choose from our menu of options and learning materials, depending on your clinical needs, energy level, time availability and learning style. Infographics, for example, offer visual learning at 30,000 feet with a fun and sometimes cheeky slant. A large bank of peripheral smears offers a a tableau of microscopic images for blood enthusiasts (think about it, blood is the only internal tissue or organ that is readily accessible and visualized in this manner). You can take a deeper dive and immerse yourself in the study of blood with our microcourses, following the interactive elements as you navigate the material at your own pace. We also offer countless case studies and quizzes that will challenge your thinking. The eLearning material includes explicit learning objectives and learning points along the way.

In the process, we introduce you to some non-traditional areas in medicine, including historical considerations. History of medicine can provide a powerful clinical context, illuminating what we know by probing the uneven trajectory of discovery. We also stress the importance of comparative physiology and evolution, asking why as well as how something occurs. We strategically sprinkle historical context and comparative thinking across the material to enhance the learning experience. Again, it is all about critical thinking and conceptual frameworks.

So, enjoy. Immerse yourself. Play with different approaches and learning styles. Soak it all in. Blood is pervasive. Blood is beautiful. Blood is AWESOME. Yet, it also subject to disease, and the more we become familiar with it – the good, the bad, and the ugly – the better positioned we will be to promote health.

We’d like to hear feedback on your eLearning experience. As a virtual community, we share a common interest, even passion, in blood. So, let’s work together to explore, discover, and improve on the educational value of TBP!

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